Below is only a handful of the dozens of testimonials from satisfied users of The Electric Heating Pouch. There is nothing magic about it. In fact, it is very simple. We produce three separate heating panels, each cut into shapes that, when sewn together, form a contoured design that, with the adjustable Vecro strap, fits snuggly on the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle or wrist/hand. It can be used for dry or moise heat and with cold packs.


You can conform it to many joints, the shoulder, knee, elbow, and get a more even heat dispersal. Dr. Mary Soha, Jacksonville, FL, Pediatric Sports Medicine

Hello Bill, Here's a testimonial. I hope you can use it. I've been using the Joint Heat heating pad for about two weeks in Japan with great results. I did some home repairs and soon after had sharp stabbing pains in my left shoulder. The MRI showed no severe damage but probably inflammation of the bursa or tendon of the rotator cuff. The doctor recommended anti-inflammatory pills, hot showers and steroid shots. I passed on the steroids, haven't especially noticed that the pills help much, but the hot showers restored freedom of movement for about an hour. I did a Google Image search for heating pads and joint heat seemed to fit the bill perfectly.
Since it conforms to my shoulder, I can wear it under my sweater and it doesn't look too strange. Most of my work is done at my desk so the pad doesn't interfere with my movements much, I can run it whenever my shoulder seems to be seizing up. I cut the cord short and use an extension cord to reach the wall socket. This way, I can unplug and do other things, without the cord dangling out of my sweater. After two weeks of this near constant therapy during the day, my shoulder has regained 80% mobility.
My knees are also in pretty bad shape from High School football, and I find using Joint Heat really helps loosen them up on cold winter mornings. It's a great product sold by great people and I recommend it most highly. Michael Lazarin, Ph.D Faculty of Letters Ryukoku University Kyoto, Japan

Bill, Your Google search was correct. I received a Ph.D. in German philosophy and literature from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh (1980), but my undergrad major was in mechanical engineering and have been writing and lecturing about Japanese architecture for the past ten years. Actually, the connection is not so far-fetched. Poetry comes from a Greek word (poiein) which basically means to make and equally applies to making up stories (literature), making things (technology) and making food (cultivation). So, I'm a Dr. in the humanities sense but not the medical sense, I don't usually use the title.
I found your site by doing a Google Image search. In Japan, most therapy devices include low frequency muscle stimulators and I didn't really want that. So I did the search targeted at the US. The image of your heating pouch seemed exactly right. Most small operations in the US (even Amazon) and Americans on eBay won't ship abroad, so I was surprised when your billing form included foreign destinations--and also that an extra fee for international shipping didn't get added. I watched the video on your site of the Memphis TV station interview with my wife and we both thought That guy seems really honest. I bet it works just the way he says it does. So, I placed the order.. Thanks a lot, Michael Michael Lazarin, Ph.D

It is businesses like yours that I hope run circles around the other guys. It has sincerely been a pleasure dealing with you and your company. There is nothing that would keep me from endorsing your customer service. Sincerely, Lynne K. Leipold, Enosburg Falls, VT

I have really enjoyed the heating pad and really need it because I have really suffered with leg pain due to a back problem which I will be having surgery for in about two weeks. I could not have endured the pain without your heating pad! Judy Cosby, Dalton, Georgia

Thank you so much for the E about Bill Lewis appearing on QVC. I am the proud owner of his heating pouch and just want to say that it is fantastic. What a wonderful product he has invented that is such a must for people with a variety of muscle and joint aches. I have told my family and friends how wonderful this product is and it truly works. I had spoke with Bill sometime ago and what a great individual he is. He deserves a lot of credit for his invention. He is incredible. Thank you. Stan Vikla. Minnetonka, Mn

I was so completely satisfied with this item, that I am interested in purchasing some additional ones as Christmas gifts for family members. Many thanks for your time. Diane Kunkle, Nazareth, PA

I purchased one of your shoulder heating pads for my wife last winter. It is awesome. We have two homes, and rather than pack it back and forth I wanted to purchase a second one. Unfortunately, your pay pal system doesn't seem to be working. Skip Owens, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Received your contoured heating pad yesterday and immediately used. It's wonderful and is helping my shoulder tendonitis tremendously. How come this pad is not available in the chain drug stores? It should be a great success. It certainly is more functional than anything there for joint problems. Thanks again for your inventiveness. Ingrid H. Ravel, Founder/President, www.FloridaHorse.Com

Very unique heating pad, works great, great communications, would buy from again! tampabaybarbee

What a blessing! This heating pad hits the spot(s)! Thanks so much. dirndl-diva

Fast shipping, great product! AAA+++++ standsbyriver

Excellent service, the best of all caring, will use again, cannot say enough clintonj

Very fast shipping. Recommended item works very well. dg138

Thanks, Fast Delivery and the product works wonders!!!!!!!!! onegoodblkman35

The night after I got the joint heating pad, my knee hurt so much I could not sleep. I used the heating pad and the pain was greatly alleviated. I will tell everyone with joint pain how wonderful it is. Dr. Linda Foley, Jacksonville, FL

With a flat heating pad, short of using 9 miles of duct tape, you can’t keep it in place. It gave me relief from the bursitis in my knees. Ms. Jan Halderman, Memphis, TN

It is much more comfortable and much easier to use than the old flat pads. Mr. George Antonich, Port Orange, FL

Good design ... and it works. Ms. Beatrice Silverman, Ormond Beach, FL

Lots of comfort and, best of all, it eases the pain. Mr. Michael Cocchiola, Palm Coast, FL

My husband bought it for me and it does the trick. Ms. Denny Robinson, Mansfield, OH

With flat heating pads you end up rigging them so much you cant get as much heat as from JointHeat. Bill Waddell, Tucson, AZ, who blew out his knee playing basketball for Cincinnati.

It is fantastic. I really, really like it. It has helped my knee tremendously. Ms Darline Hunt, Mansfield, OH

This is a wonderful product. Baseball teams will want one for the pitchers. Rick Dial, Actor. Slingblade, The Apostle, The Generals Daughter, Beyond the Wall of Sleep, Secondhand Lions, The Badge, Mumford

I’m using it right now. I have a pinched nerve and it’s helping me a LOT. William Belcher, Mansfield, OH

My parents were visiting from West Virginia in late September and my Dad read the article about JointHeat in the Commercial Appeal. He has knee and shoulder problems and has been unable to find a product to give him the relief he desires. Dad called my Mom and me while we were out shopping and asked us to get him one. We got to the designated store (Walgreens, at 3381 Poplar in Memphis) around 1pm and they were sold out. I asked to be put on a waiting list for their next shipment and checked back every couple of weeks. The last time I called the store manager gave me the web site for JointHeat and I ordered one for my Dad for Christmas. Boy is he going to be happy when he opens this package! Sally Harder, Memphis, TN

Several weeks ago I suffered an injury to my spine and was facing surgery in a few weeks. Pain pills deadened a lot of the back pain but the aching in my shoulder and elbow area was excruciating and kept me awake. The doctor said it wasn't my arm hurting, but the pinched nerve in my back sending distress calls down my arm. OUCH! Thankfully, I owned JointHeat. I strapped it on the shoulder or elbow every time the pain returned. The nerve was calmed and I was able to rest. Thanks, JointHeat, for getting me through the pain! Linda Steensland, Johnsville, OH

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