SHOULDER HEAT: The one-size-fits-all, custom-designed   heating device fits snuggly on either the left or right shoulder.   Moreover, the uniform distribution of the heating elements   throughout the entire unit assures you of steady, even heat
  to your entire shoulder.

  ELBOW HEAT: You can throw away the old flat heating pad
  that you had to tape around your sore elbow that forced you
  to hold your arm in an unnatural position. The 45-degree
  curve of your new heating device will hug the contour of your   are as it is held in place by the wide, soft cloth strap.

  KNEE HEAT: Grab a book or turn on the TV, while you
  relax in your favorite easy chair and wrap the only
  custom-tailored electric heating device in the world
  around either knee and secure it with the soft, adjustable   cloth strap. The curved, natural shape is a perfect fit while
  in the sitting position.

  ANKLE HEAT: No longer do you have to mess with heating
  up a large pan of hot water to soak your ankle. Just place
  your heel in the crook of the unit, wrap it snuggly around
  the entire joint and secure it with the web strap.

  HIP HEAT: The one-size-fits-all, patented, custom-designed   heating device fits snugly on either the left or the right hip.
  The uniform distribution of the heating elements assure you
  a steady, even heat to the ENTIRE hip, not just part of it.

  HAND/WRIST HEAT: No longer is there a need to
  soak your hands and wrists in those large pans
  of water. Just wrap them in the Electric Heating   Pouch. The pouch design seals the ends, which   retains most all of the heat.

Customer Testimonials for Joint Heat:

I have really enjoyed the heating pad and really need it because I have really suffered with leg pain due to a back problem which I will be having surgery for in about two weeks. I could not have endured the pain without your heating pad!

- Judy Cosby from Dalton, Georgia

Several weeks ago I suffered an injury to my spine and was facing surgery in a few weeks. Pain pills deadened a lot of the back pain but the aching in my shoulder and elbow area was excruciating and kept me awake. The doctor said it wasn't my arm hurting, but the pinched nerve in my back sending distress calls down my arm. OUCH! Thankfully, I owned JointHeat. I strapped it on the shoulder or elbow every time the pain returned. The nerve was calmed and I was able to rest. Thanks, JointHeat, for getting me through the pain!

- Linda Steensland from Johnsville, OH

It is businesses like yours that I hope run circles around the other guys. It has sincerely been a pleasure dealing with you and your company. There is nothing that would keep me from endorsing your customer service. Sincerely,

- Lynne K. Leipold from Enosburg Falls, VT


The Joint Heat mission statement: To design and produce the most effective, affordable, easy-to-use,
non-pharmacological, single-unit, one-size / one-unit fits-all device for the six major joints of the human body.

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