JointHeat Instructions ˙˙˙

The Electric Heating Pouch is the only electric heating device made especially for sore shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, ankles and wrists/hands.

The standard flat heating pad has not changed since it was first designed over 80 years ago. The pictures on almost every heating pad box show a person holding a flat heating pad to their shoulder... ridiculous, right?

Well, that's what we thought when we had to use a heating pad for a sore shoulder. There is just no easy way to get it to stay in place. We even tried taping it on; we tried wrapping a beach towel around the pad and the shoulder, while securing one end of the towel between the back and a chair and holding the other end; we tried holding the arm straight out (flat pads do not fit on round shoulders), while holding it with our free hand; we tried everything.

After a year of designing and redesigning (it had to be production-friendly) we finally came up with the world's first electric heating device that actually fits securely and comfortably on either shoulder.

But we didn't stop there, because obviously the shoulder isn't the only curved body joint that would benefit from a curved heating pouch, we tweaked and retweaked it so that it fits all 6 joints... the shoulder, the hip, the elbow, the knee, the ankle and the wrist/hand.

when you purchase The Heating Pouch, 

 you will receive six products for the price of one.

Because of the fact that The Heating Pouch is custom-formed to fit either of these body joints, and the fact that it can be comfortably secured in place with the soft, adjustable strap, most of the heat is transferred to that sore joint, instead of escaping around the edges (which happens with flat pads).

You no longer have to raise the heat control to a higher level to warm a specific area; the custom fit allows you to gain maximum comfort with a lower level of heat. This will virtually eliminate hot spots that may cause burn injuries.

The temperature of your heating unit is governed by a high quality, UL rated, slide controller with four settings: Off, Low, Medium and High.

Unlike the old flat electric heating pads, very little of the heat produced by The Heating Pouch escapes from the outer edges. This allows for a much lower heat setting than you may be used to when using flat pads; therefore, we suggest that you begin with the low setting.

When not in use, store in a cool, dry place.

The Heating Pouch is warranted for a period of five years from the date of purchase against electrical and mechanical defects in material and workmanship. If the device fails to operate during the warranty period, please contact us at
The Heating Pouch is not really a heating pad, because by definition, a pad is flat. The Heating Pouch is actually three electric heating panels, sewn together like a finely tailored garment, to form a sculptured pocket that silhouettes the curvature of the relaxed shoulder, the crooked elbow, knee or ankle. Prior to JointHeat all electric heating pads (devices) produced for the last 80 years have been flat.
As with any tailored garment that has been packed into a tight box, it is best to wear The Heating Pouch in order to mold it into its smooth custom shape.
However, heat produced from the heating elements, tightly sealed within a water tight, vinyl envelope, will quickly conform JointHeat to the contour of your shoulder, elbow, knee or ankle.
The Heating Pouch is symmetrically designed so that it can be applied to either the left or right shoulder, elbow, knee or ankle; and because of its patented, three piece, center panel design, The Heating Pouch is completely drapable and will snugly fit the joints of either a petite female or the largest burly male.
A soft, one and one half inch wide, adjustable webbed cloth strap is included for holding The Heating Pouch securely and comfortably to your body. With the two strong slip buckles, you can adjust the length of the strap from 26" to 38". Industrial strength Velcro fasteners, located at each end of the strap are attached to either of the Velcro receivers positioned at the outer edge of each side of the heating unit.
Before placing the heating unit on your left or right shoulder, attach one end of the webbed strap to the rear panel. Then bring the strap around your chest and adjust the length of the strap, so that the heating unit will be snug on your shoulder after attaching the free end of the strap to the front panel.
Attach one end of the webbed strap to one of the heating unit panels. Bend your elbow (right or left) and place it into the pocket of the heating device. Loop the strap around your neck, adjust the length and attach the other end of the strap.
While sitting, place you knee in the pocket of the heating unit. Wrap one of the side panels around the knee, then wrap the other panel over the top of the first panel. Attach one end of the webbed strap to the top panel and wrap around the heating unit, securing the unit to the knee. Secure the open end of the strap underneath itself.
Simply place either heel in the crook of the unit, wrap it snuggly around the entire joint and secure it with the web strap. You will receive more results than soaking your ankle in a big tub of hot water.
Just wrap the hand/wrist in the Electric Heating Pouch. The pouch design seals the ends, which retains most all of the heat. Apply a moist hand towel around the hand/wrist underneath the pouch for a deeper, more penetrating heat.